Best maternity pillow review

Best maternity pillow

Maternity pillows are a recent phenomenon popular with mothers and fathers all over the world which make sleeping in the later months of pregnancy so much comfortable. While women once had to place a few normal pillows under their heads, in between their legs and around them to sleep, this single pillow is designed to support your hips, belly, back and even legs and knees while sleeping.

Mothers feel the need for maternity pillows when their pregnancy curves grow prominent and after delivery. It properly positions the baby while breastfeeding so that the baby latches and nurses properly.

You can experience maximum benefits from pregnancy pillows only if you choose a comfortable pillow. If you are new to these pillows, here are some pointers which will help you make your choice.

  • Filling

Look for pillows with comfortable memory foam filling which take your body shape and doesn’t lose its shape with time and regular usage.

  • Cloth

You will start profuse sweating in the later months of pregnancy as your body starts generating lots of energy and heat. So choose a pillow made of cotton as synthetic and texture fibers only make you sweat more. Cotton on the other hand regulates your body temperature and doesn’t absorb heat like other materials.

  • Pillow shape and design

There are two main types of pregnancy pillows to choose from- the C and U shaped pillows. You need to choose based on which design supports your sleeping style.

C-shaped pillows are smaller than U-shaped pillows but wrap around you to give better support to your neck, legs, head, hips and stomach. It’s lower end reaches in between your legs to give them assistance while the top end is placed under your head to support your neck and shoulders. The middle part goes around your back to support the vertebrae and thus relieve any pain you have because of the baby’s weight on your belly.

The U-shaped pillows support your body from front, tummy and back. As they are flexible, they let you sleep in various positions while keeping you comfortable for a good night’s sleep. They are the better choice if you turn over often while sleeping, and want a pillow offering total support. You needn’t shift the pillow while turning as it stays put.

You just have to roll over within the pillow and re-tuck it in between your legs and sleep. This pillow is a better choice if you habitually sleep on your back as it helps get you adjusted to sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back all the time is not suggested during pregnancy. However these pillows are relatively large in size and take up extra bed space but should not be a problem if you have a king sized bed.

The main difference between the two pillows is that the U-shaped pillow fully supports your back through the night, no matter which way you turn, without any shifting of pillows. The C-shaped pillow is better for those who don’t turn over often at night.

Now you know what to look out for in a maternity pillow, you will be able to make a better choice at choosing the right pillow for yourself!